One of my favorite parts as a Pistolsmith are custom commissions and interacting with the client.  I'm always excited when I get to work with a client, bringing their vision to life, and getting to know them.  Inevitably, clients become an extended family because we've talked so much, gotten to know each other, and worked together creating a masterpiece completely tailored to their taste and shooting style.  Each pistol is handmade, one at a time, using the finest parts and materials.

Hand craftsmanship and technology blend seamlessly together using files, sandpaper, custom built fixtures, and a CNC machine. The result is a unique highly accurate and reliable pistol having tight tolerances, where every fine component is made entirely to your personal specifications in order to fit like a glove.

Commissions require a great detail of groundwork before my file touches the pistol.  Our journey begins with understanding your vision and ensuring my skillset is within the scope of your specifications. Since our build will be a collaborative effort, I will discuss what you can expect from the entire process, from contract to completion.  As part of the creative overview, a detailed build list of everything you can expect along the way is compiled, including a start date, timeline, and payment structure.  As part of our due diligence, you can share with me your ideas from websites, magazines, or work found on my website.  Once your turn comes up on my bench, I will contact you to finalize your design requirements and secure a deposit for the upcoming pistol work.