I like to challenge the status quo. I believe in disrupting everything where form becomes function. The way I defy conventionality is by making my pistols beautifully designed, testosterone fueled, and ridiculously rare.  I just happen to make tack driving 1911s."

I guess every passion has influences.  Being the son of an Army officer and marksman, I was taught to shoot firearms at an early age and hunted at my grandparent's ranch in Salmon, Idaho. My dad grew up there and was neighbors of Elmer Keith. Elmer was instrumental in the development of the .357 Magnum, as well as the later .44 magnum, and .41 Magnum cartridges.  The stories passed-down and experiences shaped my interest and respect for firearms.   

Later in life, my passion for firearms led me to taking advanced Machinist courses in vertical milling, lathe, and surface grinding at San Jose City College.

I was fortunate to learn how to build 1911s by the legendary Bob Marvel at his shop in Crete, Nebraska. Bob is one of the foremost 1911 pistolsmiths in the world whose guns have set over 40 National records and have won 20 national titles in Bullseye competition.  I worked solely under Bob's tutelage for part of a Summer, absorbing everything he could teach me on how he built Bullseye guns.  As a parting gift, he gave me a copy of his shop manual which has all of his copious notes on building 1911s, specifications, and blueprints of his work-holding fixtures.  I rounded out my 1911 education by having Jerry Keefer as my mentor up til his passing in 2018.  Jerry's attention to precision, creative jigs, and utilizing machinery, set a new standard for 1911 Bullseye accuracy.  Over the years, I've continued to build upon the foundation Bob and Jerry gave me.

Why the name Secession Arms?  Well, I'm the last Class 7 FFL pistol manufacturer in NorCal. It was extremely difficult starting a legal firearm manufacturing company in the Silicon Valley.  After jumping through countless hoops, I finally prevailed and opened the shop!  Given the enormous hurdles I had to clear, I finally broke free from the chains that kept me from pursuing my personal aspirations.  Hence, the name Secession Arms.

Secession Arms was born out of necessity to provide the finest 1911s to the underserved California market place.  As a native, I grew tired of the limited and uninspiring Centralized Roster and wanted the same custom tailored features offered by the top pistolsmiths in the United States.  I am the last Class 7 Manufacturer in NorCal. I do NOT sell Ghost Guns.  My canvas is any On-Roster 1911, including Series 70s, Curios, and Antiques.